Incentive Magazine Reports on Gift Card Trends

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Incentive Magazine highlights key findings from a recent survey conducted by the Retail Gift Card Association (RGCA). Not surprisingly, gift cards are still a popular choice among consumers and the adoption rate of mobile and eGifting is on the rise. In our experience, although many of the world’s largest merchants have adopted eGift platforms, individual […]

High Gas Prices Drive More Customers to Purchase New Vehicles; Help Incentivize Them With Gas Gift Cards

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As drivers continue to pay the highest gas prices reported in six years, new research from the Consumer Federation of America may be what it takes to herd customers into car dealerships in search of a newer, more fuel-efficient vehicle.  Jack Gillis, a spokesman for the Consumer Federation of America, said drivers of 2008 models […]

Average Gas Prices Approach 2014 High

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The official start of summer brings thoughts of sunshine, road trips and fun. This year, it also brings concerns about the rising cost of gasoline. Earlier this week, AAA noted the average price of regular unleaded gasoline was $3.68 per gallon, the highest early summer price in six years. With gasoline costs rapidly approaching the […]

Gasoline Gift Cards Prove Successful in Casino Marketing Programs

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  People heading out to a casino are hoping for a little luck. But with fuel prices being what they are, people traveling there via car may feel like the deck has already been stacked against them. According to the American Gaming Association Survey of Casino Entertainment, 90 percent of young casino visitors plan on […]

Top 10 Reasons to Use Gasoline Gift and Promotional Cards for Your Next Promotion

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(10) Takes the sting out of escalating gasoline prices. In 2004, a gallon cost $1.73 on average; in 2014, $3.49.   (9) Puts the flex in flexibility. SVM offers 16 major gasoline brands, which are accepted at more than 68,000 retail stations across the U.S.   (8) Makes a difference. With the average U.S. driver […]

24 Road Trip Destinations for Fourth of July Travel

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What better way to celebrate America’s birthday than by getting out on the open road and paying her a visit? No matter where you call home, there are ideal destinations just a gas tank away for you and your loved ones to celebrate Independence Day. Remember, as the exclusive provider of over fifteen brands of […]

Customer Loyalty and Rewards Programs Popular Among Auto Dealers

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A recent Auto/Mate Dealership Systems survey found that over half of auto dealers have customer loyalty or rewards programs in their dealerships, and even more are planning or considering a rewards program. With summer travel season in full swing, gasoline gift cards are an excellent incentive for a promotional or rewards program, whether your goal […]

Summer Travel Fueled by Gasoline Gift Cards

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The month of May is now upon us, signaling the kickoff to summer, and more importantly, travel season. With Memorial Day just around the corner and a host of other holidays and seasonal celebrations on the horizon, outdoor concerts, and cross-country road trips, for example, we are amidst one of the most heavily traveled times […]

Six Elements of Customer Engagement

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What are the keys to a successful loyalty program? Last month at the 7th Annual Loyalty Expo, Robert Koen discussed customer engagement and the importance of balancing the rational and emotional in order to connect with customers and earn their loyalty. Read this Loyalty 360 recap of Koen’s session, “Rational and Emotional Loyalty in Balance,” to […]

Five Things to Know Now About B2B eGifting

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1. Though it’s been around for about four years, eGifting – electronically transmitting a voucher that can be redeemed for products or services – is still in its early stages in terms of market maturation. For example, SVM’s B2B eGift card sales shot up more than 300% in 2013 from the previous year, but eGifting […]