Six Elements of Customer Engagement

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What are the keys to a successful loyalty program? Last month at the 7th Annual Loyalty Expo, Robert Koen discussed customer engagement and the importance of balancing the rational and emotional in order to connect with customers and earn their loyalty. Read this Loyalty 360 recap of Koen’s session, “Rational and Emotional Loyalty in Balance,” to [...]

Five Things to Know Now About B2B eGifting

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1. Though it’s been around for about four years, eGifting – electronically transmitting a voucher that can be redeemed for products or services – is still in its early stages in terms of market maturation. For example, SVM’s B2B eGift card sales shot up more than 300% in 2013 from the previous year, but eGifting [...]

Loyalty Expo Provides Best Practices on Customer Loyalty Journey

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Catering to marketers interested in forging important relationships with new and current customers, the upcoming Loyalty Expo offers the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge on customer loyalty best practices. As a supplier of gift cards that are commonly used by marketers to drive customer loyalty and rewards programs, we have attended this show in the [...]

AutoSuccess Magazine Shines Spotlight on SVM’s Jim Speir

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Jim Speir, SVM’s vice president of sales, offers his tips and advice to auto dealers looking to add more drive to their dealership incentive programs on AutoSuccess Magazine’s blog. Developing an effective incentive marketing program for your dealership can go a long way in strengthening relationships with current customers — in addition to forging new [...]

Increase in Gift Card Programs Among Top 10 Trends for 2014

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The Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) has identified the top 10 motivation trends we can expect to see in 2014. It probably comes as no surprise that advanced technology is a theme across many trends when it comes to enhancing motivation efforts.  What’s more, the IRF also found that the improving economy is leading to more [...]

Employee Appreciation Day: Understanding the Power of Recognition

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Arctic temperatures, mounds of snow, and dreary days all contribute to a seemingly never-ending winter season. Regardless of what industry you work in, the first few months of a new year can take its toll on employee motivation and morale. Additionally, the day-to-day tasks at the office make it easy for managers and employers to [...]

Despite weather, NADA 2014 was a success

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Despite some very unforgiving, icy weather in New Orleans at the start of last weekend’s NADA Convention, most attendees finally made it in (half the SVM team was delayed a day or more!) to experience anything and everything a truck or auto dealer might need.  Car wash equipment? There were several systems in operation on [...]

Increasing customer loyalty with fuel, the ultimate reward

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Loyalty marketing has become a necessity for many businesses today, but it’s certainly not a new discipline. One of the earliest loyalty programs dates back to 1793, when a U.S. merchant gave out copper tokens that could be exchanged for items in the store. This concept gave way to premiums, items that a retail customer [...]

Harnessing the power of gasoline: what marketers should know for their next direct mail promotion

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In a culture with immediate access to information, instant gratification has become an expectation. Consumers can now have a single cup of coffee in under 60 seconds, receive online purchases the same day, and stream movies online all with the touch of a button. Over the past year, the push for immediate satisfaction has only [...]

Small Business Saturday: A positive addition to the big shopping weekend

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For many Americans, the days immediately after Thanksgiving are about purchasing items for themselves or the people on their holiday shopping lists. Black Friday, so-called because big crowds lead to profits for retailers, has been around for some time and seems to become more popular and more ingrained in the culture every year. Cyber Monday [...]